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Luke 6:29


To the person who strikes you on the cheek, 1  offer the other as well, 2  and from the person who takes away your coat, 3  do not withhold your tunic 4  either. 5 


2Sa 19:30; 2Ch 18:23; Isa 50:6; La 3:30; Mic 5:1; Mt 5:39; Mt 5:40,41; Mt 26:67; Lu 22:64; Joh 18:22; Ac 23:2; 1Co 4:11; 1Co 6:7; 2Co 11:20; Heb 10:34

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sn The phrase strikes you on the cheek probably pictures public rejection, like the act that indicated expulsion from the synagogue.

sn This command to offer the other cheek as well is often misunderstood. It means that there is risk involved in reaching out to people with God’s hope. But if one is struck down in rejection, the disciple is to continue reaching out.

tn Or “cloak.”

tn See the note on the word “tunics” in 3:11.

sn The command do not withhold your tunic either is again an image of continually being totally at risk as one tries to keep contact with those who are hostile to what Jesus and his disciples offer.

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