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Luke 20:47


They 1  devour 2  widows’ property, 3  and as a show make long prayers. They will receive a more severe punishment.”


Isa 10:2; Jer 7:6-10; Eze 22:7; Eze 33:31; Am 2:7; Am 8:4-6; Mic 2:2,8; Mic 3:2; Mt 11:22-24; Mt 23:14; Mt 23:26-28; Mr 12:40; Lu 10:12-14; Lu 12:1; Lu 12:47,48; 1Th 2:5; 2Ti 3:2-5; 2Ti 3:6; Tit 1:16; Jas 3:1

NET © Notes

tn Grk “who,” continuing the sentence begun in v. 46.

sn How they were able to devour widows’ houses is debated. Did they seek too much for contributions, or take too high a commission for their work, or take homes after debts failed to be paid? There is too little said here to be sure.

tn Grk “houses,” “households”; however, the term can have the force of “property” or “possessions” as well (O. Michel, TDNT 5:131; BDAG 695 s.v. οἶκια 1.a).

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