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Luke 20:46


“Beware 1  of the experts in the law. 2  They 3  like walking around in long robes, and they love elaborate greetings 4  in the marketplaces and the best seats 5  in the synagogues 6  and the places of honor at banquets.


Pr 29:23; Mt 16:6; Mt 23:5-7; Mr 8:15; Mr 12:38,39; Lu 11:43; Lu 12:1; Lu 14:7; Ro 12:10; Php 2:3-5; 2Ti 4:15; 3Jo 1:9

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tn Or “Be on guard against.” This is a present imperative and indicates that pride is something to constantly be on the watch against.

tn Or “of the scribes.” See the note on the phrase “experts in the law” in 5:21.

tn Grk “who,” continuing the sentence begun by the prior phrase.

sn There is later Jewish material in the Talmud that spells out such greetings in detail. See D. L. Bock, Luke (BECNT), 2:1642; H. Windisch, TDNT 1:498.

sn See Luke 14:1-14.

sn See the note on synagogues in 4:15.

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