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Luke 20:20


Then 1  they watched him carefully and sent spies who pretended to be sincere. 2  They wanted to take advantage of what he might say 3  so that they could deliver him up to the authority and jurisdiction 4  of the governor.


2Sa 14:2; 1Ki 14:2-6; Ps 37:32,33; Ps 38:12; Ps 66:3; Ps 81:15; Isa 29:20,21; Jer 11:19; Jer 18:18; Jer 20:10; Mt 22:15,18; Mt 27:2; Mr 12:13,15; Joh 18:28-32; 2Pe 2:3

NET © Notes

tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “then” to indicate the implied sequence of events within the narrative.

tn Grk “righteous,” but in this context the point is their false sincerity.

tn Grk “so that they might catch him in some word.”

tn This word is often translated “authority” in other contexts, but here, in combination with ἀρχή (arch), it refers to the domain or sphere of the governor’s rule (L&N 37.36).

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