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Luke 18:28


And Peter said, “Look, we have left everything we own 1  to follow you!” 2 


Mt 4:19-22; Mt 9:9; Mt 19:27; Mr 10:28; Lu 5:11; Php 3:7

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tn Or “left our homes,” “left our possessions”; Grk “left our own things.” The word ἴδιος (idios) can refer to one’s home (including the people and possessions in it) or to one’s property or possessions. Both options are mentioned in BDAG 467 s.v. 4.b. See also I. H. Marshall, Luke (NIGTC), 688; D. L. Bock, Luke (BECNT), 2:1488.

tn Grk “We have left everything we own and followed you.” Koine Greek often used paratactic structure when hypotactic was implied.

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