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Luke 12:33


Sell your possessions 1  and give to the poor. 2  Provide yourselves purses that do not wear out – a treasure in heaven 3  that never decreases, 4  where no thief approaches and no moth 5  destroys.


Hag 1:6; Mt 6:19-21; Mt 19:21; Lu 16:9; Lu 18:22; Joh 12:6; Ac 2:45; Ac 4:34,35; 2Co 8:2; 1Ti 6:17-19; Jas 5:1-3

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sn The call to sell your possessions is a call to a lack of attachment to the earth and a generosity as a result.

tn Grk “give alms,” but this term is not in common use today.

tn Grk “in the heavens.”

tn Or “an unfailing treasure in heaven,” or “an inexhaustible treasure in heaven.”

tn The term σής (shs) refers to moths in general. It is specifically the larvae of moths that destroy clothing by eating holes in it (L&N 4.49; BDAG 922 s.v.). See Jas 5:2, which mentions “moth-eaten” clothing.

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