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Luke 11:50


so that this generation may be held accountable 1  for the blood of all the prophets that has been shed since the beginning 2  of the world, 3 


Ge 9:5,6; Ex 20:5; Nu 35:33; 2Ki 24:4; Ps 9:12; Isa 26:21; Jer 7:29; Jer 51:56; Re 18:20-24

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tn Or “that this generation may be charged with”; or “the blood of all the prophets… may be required from this generation.” This is a warning of judgment. These people are responsible for the shedding of prophetic blood.

tn Or “foundation.” However, this does not suggest a time to the modern reader.

tn The order of the clauses in this complicated sentence has been rearranged to simplify it for the modern reader.

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