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Luke 11:42


“But woe to you Pharisees! 1  You give a tenth 2  of your mint, 3  rue, 4  and every herb, yet you neglect justice 5  and love for God! But you should have done these things without neglecting the others. 6 


Le 27:30-33; De 10:12,13; 1Sa 15:22; 2Ch 31:5-10; Ne 10:37; Pr 21:3; Ec 7:18; Isa 1:10-17; Isa 58:2-6; Jer 7:2-10; Jer 7:21,22; Mic 6:8; Mal 1:6; Mal 2:17; Mal 3:8; Mt 23:13,23,27; Lu 18:12; Joh 5:42; Tit 2:11,12; 1Jo 4:20

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tn Grk “Woe to you…because you…” The causal particle ὅτι (Joti) has not been translated here for rhetorical effect (and so to the end of this chapter).

tn Or “you tithe mint.”

sn These small herbs were tithed with great care (Mishnah, m. Demai 2:1).

tn Grk “and rue.” Καί (kai) has not been translated since English normally uses a coordinating conjunction only between the last two elements in a series of three or more.

sn Rue was an evergreen herb used for seasoning.

sn Justice was a major theme of OT ethics (Mic 6:8; Zech 7:8-10).

tn Grk “those”; but this has been translated as “the others” to clarify which are meant.

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