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Luke 10:41


But the Lord 1  answered her, 2  “Martha, Martha, 3  you are worried and troubled 4  about many things,


Ec 6:11; Mt 6:25-34; Mr 4:19; Lu 8:14; Lu 21:34; 1Co 7:32-35; Php 4:6

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tc Most mss (A B* C D W Θ Ψ Ë1,13 Ï it) read “Jesus” instead of “the Lord” here, but κύριος (kurios, “Lord”) has the support of some weighty papyri, uncials, and other witnesses (Ì3,[45],75 א B2 L 579 892 pc lat sa).

tn Grk “answering, said to her.” This is redundant in contemporary English and has been simplified to “answered her.”

sn The double vocative Martha, Martha communicates emotion.

tn Or “upset.” Here the meanings of μεριμνάω (merimnaw) and θορυβάζομαι (qorubazomai) reinforce each other (L&N 25.234).

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