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Leviticus 9:4


and an ox and a ram for peace offerings to sacrifice before the Lord, and a grain offering mixed with olive oil, for today the Lord is going to appear 1  to you.’”


Ex 16:10; Ex 19:11; Ex 24:16; Ex 29:43; Ex 40:34,35; Le 2:1-16; Le 3:1-17; Le 6:14-23; Le 9:6,23; Nu 14:10; Nu 15:3-9; Nu 16:19; 1Ki 8:10-12; Eze 43:2

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tn The verb is either a prophetic perfect (“will appear to you”) as in the MT (cf. IBHS §30.5.1.e; so many English versions), or a futurum instans participle (“is going to appear to you”) as in the LXX and several other versions (see the BHS footnote; cf. IBHS 627 §37.6f). In either case, the point is that Moses was anticipating that the Lord would indeed appear to them on this day (cf. vv. 6, 22-24).

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