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Leviticus 6:17


It must not be baked with yeast. 1  I have given it as their portion from my gifts. It is most holy, 2  like the sin offering and the guilt offering.


Ex 29:33,34,37; Le 2:3; Le 2:11; Le 6:25; Le 7:1,6; Nu 18:9,10; 1Pe 2:22

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tn Heb “It must not be baked leavened” (cf. Lev 2:11). The noun “leaven” is traditional in English versions (cf. KJV, ASV, NASB, NRSV), but “yeast” is more commonly used today.

tn Heb “holiness of holinesses [or holy of holies] it is”; cf. NAB “most sacred.”

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