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Leviticus 5:8


He must bring them to the priest and present first the one that is for a sin offering. The priest 1  must pinch 2  its head at the nape of its neck, but must not sever the head from the body. 3 


Le 1:15; Ro 4:25; 1Pe 3:18

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tn Heb “he.” The subject (“he”) refers to the priest here, not the offerer who presented the birds to the priest (cf. v. 8a).

sn The action seems to involve both a twisting action, breaking the neck of the bird and severing its vertebrae, as well as pinching or nipping the skin, but in this case not severing the head from the main body (note the rest of this verse).

tn Heb “he shall not divide [it]” (see J. Milgrom, Leviticus [AB], 1:305).

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