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Leviticus 5:16


And whatever holy thing he violated 1  he must restore and must add one fifth to it and give it to the priest. So the priest will make atonement 2  on his behalf with the guilt offering ram and he will be forgiven.” 3 


Ex 22:1,3,4; Le 4:26; Le 5:6,10,13; Le 6:4,5; Le 22:14; Le 27:13,15,27,31; Nu 5:7; Ps 69:4; Lu 19:8; Ac 26:20; Heb 9:13,14; 1Jo 2:1,2

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tn Heb “and which he sinned from the holy thing.”

sn Regarding “make atonement” see the note on Lev 1:4.

tn Heb “there shall be forgiveness to him” or “it shall be forgiven to him” (KJV similar).

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