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Leviticus 5:13


So the priest will make atonement 1  on his behalf for his sin which he has committed by doing one of these things, 2  and he will be forgiven. 3  The remainder of the offering 4  will belong to the priest like the grain offering.’” 5 


Le 2:3,10; Le 4:20,26,31; Le 5:6; Le 7:6; 1Sa 2:28; Ho 4:8; 1Co 9:13

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sn The focus of sin offering “atonement” was purging impurities from the tabernacle (see the note on Lev 1:4).

tn Heb “from one from these,” referring to the four kinds of violations of the law delineated in Lev 5:1-4 (see the note on Lev 5:5 above and cf. Lev 4:27).

tn Heb “there shall be forgiveness to him” or “it shall be forgiven to him” (KJV similar).

tn Heb “and it”; the referent (the remaining portion of the offering) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn Heb “and it shall be to the priest like the grain offering,” referring to the rest of the grain that was not offered on the altar (cf. the regulations in Lev 2:3, 10).

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