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Leviticus 4:23


or his sin that he committed 1  is made known to him, 2  he must bring a flawless male goat as his offering. 3 


Le 4:14; Le 5:4; Le 9:3; Le 23:19; Nu 7:16,22,28,34; Nu 15:24; Nu 28:15,30; Nu 29:5,11,16,19; 2Ki 22:10-13; Ro 8:3

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tn Heb “or his sin which he sinned in it is made known to him”; NAB “if he learns of the sin he committed.”

tn Lev 4:22b-23a is difficult. The present translation suggests that there are two possible legal situations envisioned, separated by the Hebrew אוֹ (’o, “or”) at the beginning of v. 23. Lev 4:22b refers to any case in which the leader readily admits his guilt (i.e., “pleads guilty”), whereas v. 23a refers to cases where the leader is convicted of his guilt by legal action (“his sin…is made known to him”). See R. E. Averbeck, NIDOTTE 2:95-96; Lev 4:27-28; and esp. the notes on Lev 5:1 below.

tn Heb “a he-goat of goats, a male without defect”; cf. NLT “with no physical defects.”

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