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Leviticus 25:35


“‘If your brother 1  becomes impoverished and is indebted to you, 2  you must support 3  him; he must live 4  with you like a foreign resident. 5 


Ex 23:9; Le 19:34; Le 25:25; De 10:18,19; De 15:7,8; Ps 37:26; Ps 41:1; Ps 112:5,9; Pr 14:20,21; Pr 14:31; Pr 17:5; Pr 19:17; Mt 25:35; Mr 14:7; Lu 6:35; Joh 12:8; Ac 11:29; Ro 12:13,18,20; 2Co 8:9; 2Co 9:1,12-15; Ga 2:10; Heb 13:2; Jas 2:5,6; 1Jo 3:17

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tn It is not clear to whom this refers. It is probably broader than “sibling” (cf. NRSV “any of your kin”; NLT “any of your Israelite relatives”) but some English versions take it to mean “fellow Israelite” (so TEV; cf. NAB, NIV “countrymen”) and others are ambiguous (cf. CEV “any of your people”).

tn Heb “and his hand slips with you.”

tn Heb “strengthen”; NASB “sustain.”

tn The form וָחַי (vakhay, “and shall live”) looks like the adjective “living,” but the MT form is simply the same verb written as a double ayin verb (see HALOT 309 s.v. חיה qal, and GKC 218 §76.i; cf. Lev 18:5).

tn Heb “a foreigner and resident,” which is probably to be combined (see B. A. Levine, Leviticus [JPSTC], 170-71).

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