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Leviticus 14:41


Then he is to have the house scraped 1  all around on the inside, 2  and the plaster 3  which is scraped off 4  must be dumped outside the city 5  into an unclean place.


Job 36:13,14; Isa 65:4; Mt 8:28; Mt 24:51; 1Ti 1:20; Re 22:15

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tn Or, according to the plurality of the verb in Smr, LXX, Syriac, and Targums, “Then the house shall be scraped” (cf. NAB, NLT, and the note on v. 40).

tn Heb “from house all around.”

tn Heb “dust” (so KJV) or “rubble”; NIV “the material”; NLT “the scrapings.”

tn Heb “which they have scraped off.” The MT term קִיר (qir, “wall” from קָצָה, qatsah, “to cut off”; BDB 892), the original Greek does not have this clause, Smr has הקיצו (with uncertain meaning), and the BHS editors and HALOT 1123-24 s.v. I קצע hif.a suggest emending the verb to הִקְצִעוּ (hiqtsiu, see the same verb at the beginning of this verse; cf. some Greek mss, Syriac, and the Targums). The emendation seems reasonable and is accepted by many commentators, but the root קָצָה (qatsah, “to cut off”) does occur in the Bible (2 Kgs 10:32; Hab 2:10) and in postbiblical Hebrew (J. E. Hartley, Leviticus [WBC], 179, notes 41c and 43d; J. Milgrom, Leviticus [AB], 1:873; cf. also קָצַץ, qatsats, “to cut off”).

tn Heb “into from outside to the city.”

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