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Leviticus 14:21


“If the person is poor and does not have sufficient means, 1  he must take one male lamb as a guilt offering for a wave offering to make atonement for himself, one-tenth of an ephah of choice wheat flour mixed with olive oil for a grain offering, a log of olive oil, 2 


Le 1:14; Le 5:7; Le 12:8; Le 14:10; 1Sa 2:8; Job 34:19; Pr 17:5; Pr 22:2; Lu 6:20; Lu 21:2-4; 2Co 8:9,12; Jas 2:5,6

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tn Heb “and his hand does not reach”; NAB, NRSV “and cannot afford so much (afford these NIV).”

tn See the notes on v. 10 above.

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