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Lamentations 4:21


ש (Sin/Shin) Rejoice and be glad for now, 1  O people of Edom, 2  who reside in the land of Uz. But the cup of judgment 3  will pass 4  to you also; you will get drunk and take off your clothes.


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NET © Notes

tn The phrase “for now” is added in the translation to highlight the implied contrast between the present joy of the Gentiles (4:21a) and their future judgment (4:21b).

tn Heb “O Daughter of Edom.”

tn Heb “the cup.” Judgment is often depicted as a cup of wine that God forces a person to drink, causing him to lose consciousness, red wine drooling out of his mouth – resembling corpses lying on the ground as a result of the actual onslaught of the Lord’s judgment. The drunkard will reel and stagger, causing bodily injury to himself – an apt metaphor to describe the devastating effects of God’s judgment. Just as a cup of poison kills all those who are forced to drink it, the cup of God’s wrath destroys all those who must drink it (e.g., Ps 75:9; Isa 51:17, 22; Jer 25:15, 17, 28; 49:12; 51:7; Lam 4:21; Ezek 23:33; Hab 2:16).

tn The imperfect verb “will pass” may also be a jussive, continuing the element of request, “let the cup pass…”

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