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Lamentations 3:58


ר (Resh) O Lord, 1  you championed 2  my cause, 3  you redeemed my life.


Ge 48:16; 1Sa 25:39; Ps 34:22; Ps 35:1; Ps 71:23; Ps 103:4; Jer 51:36

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tc The MT reads אֲדֹנָי (’adonay, “the Lord”) here rather than יהוה (YHWH, “the Lord”) as in the following verse. See the tc note at 1:14.

tn This verb, like others in this stanza, could be understood as a precative (“Plead”).

tn Heb “the causes of my soul.” The term נַפְשִׁי (nafshi, “my soul”) is a synecdoche of part (= my soul) for the whole person (= me).

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