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Lamentations 3:33


For he is not predisposed to afflict 1  or to grieve people. 2 


Isa 28:21; Eze 18:32; Eze 33:11; Heb 12:9,10

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tn Heb “he does not afflict from his heart.” The term לֵבָב (levav, “heart”) preceded by the preposition מִן (min) most often describes one’s initiative or motivation, e.g. “of one’s own accord” (Num. 16:28; 24:13; Deut. 4:9; 1Kings 12:33; Neh. 6:8; Job 8:10; Is. 59:13; Ezek. 13:2, 17). It is not God’s internal motivation to bring calamity and trouble upon people.

tn Heb “sons of men.”

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