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Joshua 5:6


Indeed, for forty years the Israelites traveled through the desert until all the men old enough to fight when they left Egypt, the ones who had disobeyed the Lord, died off. 1  For the Lord had sworn a solemn oath to them that he would not let them see the land he had sworn on oath to give them, 2  a land rich in 3  milk and honey.


Ex 3:8,17; Nu 14:23; Nu 14:32-34; De 1:3; De 2:7,14; De 8:4; Ps 95:10,11; Jer 2:2; Eze 20:6,15; Joe 3:18; Heb 3:11

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tn Heb “all the nation, the men of war who went out from Egypt, who did not listen to the voice of the Lord, came to an end.”

tn Some Hebrew mss, as well as the Syriac version, support this reading. Most ancient witnesses read “us.”

tn Heb “flowing with.”

sn The word picture a land rich in milk and honey depicts the land as containing many grazing areas (which would produce milk) and flowering plants (which would support the bees that produced honey).

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