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Joshua 11:23


Joshua conquered 1  the whole land, just as the Lord had promised Moses, 2  and he assigned Israel their tribal portions. 3  Then the land was free of war.


Ex 23:27-31; Ex 34:11; Nu 26:52-55; Nu 34:2-13; De 11:23-25; Jos 11:18; Jos 14:1-19:51; Jos 14:15; Jos 21:44,45; Jos 22:4; Jos 23:1; Ps 46:9; 2Ti 4:7,8; Heb 4:8,9

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tn Heb “took.”

tn Heb “according to all which the Lord said to Moses.” The translation assumes this refers to the promise of the land (see 1:3). Another possibility is that it refers to the Lord’s instructions, in which case the phrase could be translated, “just as the Lord had instructed Moses” (so NLT; cf. also NIV “had directed Moses”).

tn Heb “and Joshua gave it for an inheritance to Israel according to their allotted portions by their tribes.”

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