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Jonah 1:14


So they cried out to the Lord, “Oh, please, Lord, don’t let us die on account of this man! Don’t hold us guilty of shedding innocent blood. 1  After all, you, Lord, have done just as you pleased.” 2 


Ge 9:6; De 21:8; Ps 107:28; Ps 115:3; Ps 135:6; Isa 26:16; Da 4:34,35; Jon 1:5,16; Mt 11:26; Ac 28:4; Eph 1:9,11

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tn Heb “Do not put against us innocent blood,” that is, “Do not assign innocent blood to our account.” It seems that the sailors were afraid that they would die if they kept Jonah in the ship and also that they might be punished with death if they threw him overboard.

tn Pss 115:3 and 135:6 likewise use these verbs (חָפֵץ and עָשָׂה, khafets and ’asah; “to delight” and “to do, make”) in speaking of the Lord as characteristically doing what he wishes to do.

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