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John 4:20


Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, 1  and you people 2  say that the place where people must worship is in Jerusalem.” 3 


Ge 12:6,7; Ge 33:18-20; De 12:5-11; De 27:12; Jos 8:33-35; Jud 9:6,7; 1Ki 9:3; 2Ki 17:26-33; 1Ch 21:26; 1Ch 22:1; 2Ch 6:6; 2Ch 7:12,16; Ps 78:68; Ps 87:1,2; Ps 132:13

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sn This mountain refers to Mount Gerizim, where the Samaritan shrine was located.

tn The word “people” is not in the Greek text, but is supplied to indicate that the Greek verb translated “say” is second person plural and thus refers to more than Jesus alone.

map For location see Map5 B1; Map6 F3; Map7 E2; Map8 F2; Map10 B3; JP1 F4; JP2 F4; JP3 F4; JP4 F4.

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