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John 3:9


Nicodemus replied, 1  “How can these things be?” 2 


Pr 4:18; Isa 42:16; Mr 8:24,25; Lu 1:34; Joh 3:4; Joh 6:52,60

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tn Grk “Nicodemus answered and said to him.”

snHow can these things be?” is Nicodemus’ answer. It is clear that at this time he has still not grasped what Jesus is saying. Note also that this is the last appearance of Nicodemus in the dialogue. Having served the purpose of the author, at this point he disappears from the scene. As a character in the narrative, he has served to illustrate the prevailing Jewish misunderstanding of Jesus’ teaching about the necessity of a new, spiritual birth from above. Whatever parting words Nicodemus might have had with Jesus, the author does not record them.

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