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John 1:44


(Now Philip was from Bethsaida, 1  the town of 2  Andrew and Peter.)


Mt 10:3; Mt 11:21; Mr 3:18; Mr 6:45; Mr 8:22; Lu 6:14; Lu 9:10; Lu 10:13; Joh 12:21; Joh 14:8,9; Ac 1:13

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sn Although the author thought of the town as in Galilee (12:21), Bethsaida technically was in Gaulanitis (Philip the Tetrarch’s territory) across from Herod’s Galilee. There may have been two places called Bethsaida, or this may merely reflect popular imprecision – locally it was considered part of Galilee, even though it was just east of the Jordan river. This territory was heavily Gentile (which may explain why Andrew and Philip both have Gentile names).

tn Probably ἀπό (apo) indicates “originally from” in the sense of birthplace rather than current residence; Mark 1:21, 29 seems to locate the home of Andrew and Peter at Capernaum. The entire remark (v. 44) amounts to a parenthetical comment by the author.

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