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Joel 2:19


The Lord responded 1  to his people, “Look! I am about to restore your grain 2  as well as fresh wine and olive oil. You will be fully satisfied. 3  I will never again make you an object of mockery among the nations.


Isa 62:8,9; Isa 65:21-24; Eze 34:29; Eze 36:15; Eze 39:29; Ho 2:15; Joe 1:10; Joe 2:24; Joe 2:26; Am 9:13,14; Hag 2:16-19; Mal 3:10-12; Mt 6:33

NET © Notes

tn Heb “answered and said.”

tn Heb “Look! I am sending grain to you.” The participle used in the Hebrew text seems to suggest imminent action.

tc One of the Qumran manuscripts (4QXXIIc) inserts “and you will eat” before “and you will be fully satisfied” (the reading of the MT, LXX).

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