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Joel 2:16


Gather the people; sanctify an assembly! Gather the elders; gather the children and the nursing infants. Let the bridegroom come out from his bedroom and the bride from her private quarters. 1 


Ex 19:10,15,22; De 29:10,11; Jos 7:13; 1Sa 16:5; 2Ch 20:13; 2Ch 29:5,23,24; 2Ch 30:17,19; 2Ch 35:6; Job 1:5; Joe 1:14; Jon 3:7,8; Zec 12:11-14; Mt 9:15; 1Co 7:5

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sn Mosaic law allowed men recently married, or about to be married, to be exempt for a year from certain duties that were normally mandatory, such as military obligation (cf. Deut 20:7; 24:5). However, Joel pictures a time of such urgency that normal expectations must give way to higher requirements.

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