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Joel 1:16


Our food has been cut off right before our eyes! 1  There is no longer any joy or gladness in the temple of our God! 2 


De 12:6,7,11,12; De 16:10-15; Ps 43:4; Ps 105:3; Isa 62:8,9; Joe 1:5-9,13; Am 4:6,7

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tn Heb “Has not the food been cut off right before our eyes?” This rhetorical question expects an affirmative answer; the question has been translated as an affirmation for the sake of clarity and emphasis.

tn Heb “joy and gladness from the house of our God?” Verse 16b is a continuation of the rhetorical question begun in v. 16a, but has been translated as an affirmative statement to make the meaning clear. The words “There is no longer any” are not in the Hebrew text, but have been supplied in the translation for clarity.

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