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Job 6:24


“Teach 1  me and I, for my part, 2  will be silent; explain to me 3  how I have been mistaken. 4 


Job 5:27; Job 10:2; Job 32:11,15,16; Job 33:1,31-33; Job 34:32; Ps 19:12; Ps 32:8; Ps 39:1,2; Pr 9:9; Pr 25:12; Jas 1:19; Jas 3:2

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tn The verb “teach” or “instruct” is the Hiphil הוֹרוּנִי (horuni), from the verb יָרָה (yarah); the basic idea of “point, direct” lies behind this meaning. The verb is cognate to the noun תּוֹרָה (torah, “instruction, teaching, law”).

tn The independent personal pronoun makes the subject of the verb emphatic: “and I will be silent.”

tn The verb is הָבִינוּ (havinu, “to cause someone to understand”); with the ל (lamed) following, it has the sense of “explain to me.”

tn The verb שָׁגָה (shagah) has the sense of “wandering, getting lost, being mistaken.”

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