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Job 38:11


when I said, ‘To here you may come 1  and no farther, 2  here your proud waves will be confined’? 3 


Job 1:22; Job 2:6; Ps 65:6,7; Ps 76:10; Ps 89:9; Ps 93:3,4; Pr 8:29; Isa 27:8; Mr 4:39-41; Lu 8:32,33; Re 20:2,3,7,8

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tn The imperfect verb receives the permission nuance here.

tn The text has תֹסִיף (tosif, “and you may not add”), which is often used idiomatically (as in verbal hendiadys constructions).

tn The MT literally says, “here he will put on the pride of your waves.” The verb has no expressed subject and so is made a passive voice. But there has to be some object for the verb “put,” such as “limit” or “boundary”; the translations “confined; halted; stopped” all serve to paraphrase such an idea. The LXX has “broken” at this point, suggesting the verse might have been confused – but “breaking the pride” of the waves would mean controlling them. Some commentators have followed this, exchanging the verb in v. 11 with this one.

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