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Job 35:2


“Do you think this to be 1  just: when 2  you say, ‘My right before God.’ 3 


Job 9:17; Job 10:7; Job 16:17; Job 19:6,7; Job 27:2-6; Job 34:5; Job 40:8; Mt 12:36,37; Lu 19:22

NET © Notes

tn The line could be read as “do you reckon this for justice? Here “to be” is understood.

tn The word “when” is not in the Hebrew text, but is implied.

tn The brief line could be interpreted in a number of ways. The MT simply has “my right from God.” It could be “I am right before God,” “I am more just/right than God” (identifying the preposition as a comparative min (מִן); cf. J. E. Hartley, Job [NICOT], 463), “I will be right before God,” or “My just cause against God.”

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