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Job 30:17


Night pierces 1  my bones; 2  my gnawing pains 3  never cease.


Job 7:4; Job 33:19-21; Ps 6:2-6; Ps 22:2; Ps 38:2-8; Isa 38:13

NET © Notes

tn The subject of the verb “pierces” can be the night (personified), or it could be God (understood), leaving “night” to be an adverbial accusative of time – “at night he pierces.”

tc The MT concludes this half-verse with “upon me.” That phrase is not in the LXX, and so many commentators delete it as making the line too long.

tn Heb “my gnawers,” which is open to several interpretations. The NASB and NIV take it as “gnawing pains”; cf. NRSV “the pain that gnaws me.” Some suggest worms in the sores (7:5). The LXX has “my nerves,” a view accepted by many commentators.

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