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Job 29:14


I put on righteousness and it clothed me, 1  my just dealing 2  was like a robe and a turban;


De 24:13; Ps 132:9; Isa 28:5; Isa 59:17; Isa 61:10; Isa 62:3; Ro 13:14; 2Co 6:7; Eph 6:14; 1Th 5:8; Re 19:8

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tn Both verbs in this first half-verse are from לָבַשׁ (lavash, “to clothe; to put on clothing”). P. Joüon changed the vowels to get a verb “it adorned me” instead of “it clothed me” (Bib 11 [1930]: 324). The figure of clothing is used for the character of the person: to wear righteousness is to be righteous.

tn The word מִשְׁפָּטִי (mishpati) is simply “my justice” or “my judgment.” It refers to the decisions he made in settling issues, how he dealt with other people justly.

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