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Job 26:9


He conceals 1  the face of the full moon, 2  shrouding it with his clouds.


Ex 20:21; Ex 33:20-23; Ex 34:3; 1Ki 8:12; Ps 97:2; Hab 3:3-5; 1Ti 6:16

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tn The verb means “to hold; to seize,” here in the sense of shutting up, enshrouding, or concealing.

tc The MT has כִסֵּה (khisseh), which is a problematic vocalization. Most certainly כֵּסֶה (keseh), alternative for כֶּסֶא (kese’, “full moon”) is intended here. The MT is close to the form of “throne,” which would be כִּסֵּא (kisse’, cf. NLT “he shrouds his throne with his clouds”). But here God is covering the face of the moon by hiding it behind clouds.

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