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Job 24:18


1 “You say, 2  ‘He is foam 3  on the face of the waters; 4  their portion of the land is cursed so that no one goes to their vineyard. 5 


De 28:16-20; Ps 58:7; Ps 69:22; Ps 73:18-20; Pr 3:33; Isa 23:10; Mal 2:2

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tc Many commentators find vv. 18-24 difficult on the lips of Job, and so identify this unit as a misplaced part of the speech of Zophar. They describe the enormities of the wicked. But a case can also be made for retaining it in this section. Gordis thinks it could be taken as a quotation by Job of his friends’ ideas.

tn The verb “say” is not in the text; it is supplied here to indicate that this is a different section.

tn Or “is swift.”

sn The wicked person is described here as a spray or foam upon the waters, built up in the agitation of the waters but dying away swiftly.

tn The text reads, “he does not turn by the way of the vineyards.” This means that since the land is cursed, he/one does not go there. Bickell emended “the way of the vineyards” to “the treader of the vineyard” (see RSV, NRSV). This would mean that “no wine-presser would turn towards” their vineyards.

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