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Job 22:3


Is it of any special benefit 1  to the Almighty that you should be righteous, or is it any gain to him that you make your ways blameless? 2 


1Ch 29:17; Job 23:10-12; Ps 39:1; Ps 119:3-6,59; Ps 147:10,11; Pr 11:1,20; Pr 12:22; Pr 15:8; Mal 2:17; Ac 24:16; 2Co 7:1; Php 4:18

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tn The word חֵפֶץ (khefets) in this passage has the nuance of “special benefit; favor.” It does not just express the desire for something or the interest in it, but the profit one derives from it.

tn The verb תַתֵּם (tattem) is the Hiphil imperfect of תָּמַם (tamam, “be complete, finished”), following the Aramaic form of the geminate verb with a doubling of the first letter.

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