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Job 21:6


For, when I think 1  about this, I am terrified 2  and my body feels a shudder. 3 


Ps 77:3; Ps 88:15; Ps 119:120; La 3:19,20; Hab 3:16

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tn The verb is זָכַר (zakhar, “to remember”). Here it has the sense of “to keep in memory; to meditate; to think upon.”

tn The main clause is introduced here by the conjunction, following the adverbial clause of time.

tn Some commentators take “shudder” to be the subject of the verb, “a shudder seizes my body.” But the word is feminine (and see the usage, especially in Job 9:6 and 18:20). It is the subject in Isa 21:4; Ps 55:6; and Ezek 7:18.

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