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Job 21:16


But their prosperity is not their own doing. 1  The counsel of the wicked is far from me! 2 


Ge 49:6; Job 1:21; Job 12:9,10; Job 22:18; Ps 1:1; Ps 49:6,7; Ps 52:5-7; Pr 1:10; Pr 5:8; Ec 8:8; Lu 16:2,25

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tn Heb “is not in their hand.”

sn The implication of this statement is that their well-being is from God, which is the problem Job is raising in the chapter. A number of commentators make it a question, interpreting it to mean that the wicked enjoy prosperity as if it is their right. Some emend the text to say “his hands” – Gordis reads it, “Indeed, our prosperity is not in his hands.”

sn Even though their life seems so good in contrast to his own plight, Job cannot and will not embrace their principles – “far be from me their counsel.”

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