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Job 19:14


My kinsmen have failed me; my friends 1  have forgotten me. 2 


2Sa 16:23; Ps 38:11; Ps 55:12-14; Pr 18:24; Jer 20:10; Mic 7:5,6; Mt 10:21; Joh 13:18

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tn The Pual participle is used for those “known” to him, or with whom he is “familiar,” whereas קָרוֹב (qarov, “near”) is used for a relative.

tn Many commentators add the first part of v. 15 to this verse, because it is too loaded and this is too short. That gives the reading “My kinsmen and my familiar friends have disappeared, they have forgotten me (15) the guests I entertained.” There is not much support for this, nor is there much reason for it.

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