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Job 16:3


Will 1  there be an end to your 2  windy words? 3  Or what provokes 4  you that you answer? 5 


Job 6:26; Job 8:2; Job 15:2; Job 20:3; Job 32:3-6; Mt 22:46; Tit 1:11; Tit 2:8

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tn Disjunctive questions are introduced with the sign of the interrogative; the second part is introduced with אוֹ (’o, see GKC 475 §150.g).

tn In v. 3 the second person singular is employed rather than the plural as in vv. 2 and 4. The singular might be an indication that the words of v. 3 were directed at Eliphaz specifically.

tn Heb “words of wind.”

tn The Hiphil of מָרַץ (marats) does not occur anywhere else. The word means “to compel; to force” (see 6:25).

tn The LXX seems to have gone a different way: “What, is there any reason in vain words, or what will hinder you from answering?”

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