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Job 15:2


“Does a wise man answer with blustery knowledge, 1  or fill his belly 2  with the east wind? 3 


Job 6:26; Job 8:2; Job 11:2,3; Job 13:2; Ho 12:1; Jas 3:13

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tn The Hebrew is דַעַת־רוּחַ (daat-ruakh). This means knowledge without any content, vain knowledge.

tn The image is rather graphic. It is saying that he puffs himself up with the wind and then brings out of his mouth blasts of this wind.

tn The word for “east wind,” קָדִים (qadim), is parallel to “spirit/wind” also in Hos 12:2. The east wind is maleficent, but here in the parallelism it is so much hot air.

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