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Job 14:2


He grows up 1  like a flower and then withers away; 2  he flees like a shadow, and does not remain. 3 


1Ch 29:15; Job 8:9; Job 9:25,26; Ps 90:5-9; Ps 92:7,12; Ps 102:11; Ps 103:15,16; Ps 144:4; Ec 8:13; Isa 40:6-8; Jas 1:10,11; Jas 4:14; 1Pe 1:24

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tn Heb יָצָא (yatsa’, “comes forth”). The perfect verb expresses characteristic action and so is translated by the present tense (see GKC 329 §111.s).

tn The verb וַיִּמָּל (vayyimmal) is from the root מָלַל (malal, “to languish; to wither”) and not from a different root מָלַל (malal, “to cut off”).

tn The verb is “and he does not stand.” Here the verb means “to stay fixed; to abide.” The shadow does not stay fixed, but continues to advance toward darkness.

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