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Job 12:3


I also have understanding 1  as well as you; I am not inferior to you. 2  Who does not know such things as these? 3 


Job 6:6,7; Job 13:2-5; Job 26:2,3; Pr 26:4; 2Co 11:5,21-23

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tn The word is literally “heart,” meaning a mind or understanding.

tn Because this line is repeated in 13:2, many commentators delete it from this verse (as does the LXX). The Syriac translates נֹפֵל (nofel) as “little,” and the Vulgate “inferior.” Job is saying that he does not fall behind them in understanding.

tn Heb “With whom are not such things as these?” The point is that everyone knows the things that these friends have been saying – they are commonplace.

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