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Job 10:9


Remember that you have made me as with 1  the clay; will 2  you return me to dust?


Ge 2:7; Ge 3:19; Job 7:7; Job 17:14; Ps 22:15; Ps 25:6,7,18; Ps 89:47; Ps 90:3; Ps 106:4; Ec 12:7; Isa 45:9; Isa 64:8; Jer 18:6; Ro 9:21

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tn The preposition “like” creates a small tension here. So some ignore the preposition and read “clay” as an adverbial accusative of the material (GKC 371 §117.hh but cf. 379 §119.i with reference to beth essentiae: “as it were, by clay”). The NIV gets around the problem with a different meaning for the verb: “you molded me like clay.” Some suggest the meaning was “as [with] clay” (in the same manner that we have “as [in] the day of Midian” [Isa 9:4]).

tn The text has a conjunction: “and to dust….”

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