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Jeremiah 9:2


(9:1) I wish I had a lodging place in the desert where I could spend some time like a weary traveler. 1  Then I would desert my people and walk away from them because they are all unfaithful to God, a congregation 2  of people that has been disloyal to him. 3 


Ps 55:6-8; Ps 120:5-7; Jer 5:7,8; Jer 12:1,6; Jer 23:10; Eze 22:10,11; Ho 4:2; Ho 5:7; Ho 6:7; Ho 7:4; Mic 7:1-7; Mic 7:2-5; Zep 3:4; Mal 2:11; Jas 4:4

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tn Heb “I wish I had in the desert a lodging place [inn, or place to spend the night] for travelers.”

tn Or “bunch,” but this loses the irony; the word is used for the solemn assemblies at the religious feasts.

tn Heb “they are all adulterers, a congregation of unfaithful people.” However, spiritual adultery is, of course, meant, not literal adultery. So the literal translation would be misleading.

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