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Jeremiah 7:13


You also have done all these things, says the Lord, and I have spoken to you over and over again. 1  But you have not listened! You have refused to respond when I called you to repent! 2 


2Ch 36:15,16; Ne 9:29,30; Pr 1:24; Isa 50:2; Isa 65:12; Isa 66:4; Jer 7:25; Jer 11:7; Jer 25:3; Jer 35:15; Jer 44:4; Ho 11:2,7; Zec 7:13; Mt 23:37

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tn This reflects a Hebrew idiom (e.g., 7:25; 11:7; 25:3, 4), i.e., an infinitive of a verb meaning “to do something early [or eagerly]” followed by an infinitive of another verb of action. Cf. HALOT 1384 s.v. שָׁכַם Hiph.2.

tn Heb “I called to you and you did not answer.” The words “to repent” are not in the text but are supplied in the translation for clarity.

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