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Jeremiah 6:8


So 1  take warning, Jerusalem, or I will abandon you in disgust 2  and make you desolate, a place where no one can live.”


Le 26:34; De 32:29; Ps 2:10; Ps 50:17; Ps 94:12; Pr 4:13; Jer 2:15; Jer 4:14; Jer 7:3-7; Jer 7:20,34; Jer 9:11; Jer 17:23; Jer 31:19; Jer 32:33; Jer 35:13-15; Eze 23:18; Ho 9:12; Zep 3:7; Zec 11:8,9

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tn This word is not in the text but is supplied in the translation. Jeremiah uses a figure of speech (enallage) where the speaker turns from talking about someone to address him/her directly.

tn Heb “lest my soul [= I] becomes disgusted with you.”

sn The wordplay begun with “sound…in Tekoa” in v. 1 and continued with “they will pitch” in v. 3 is concluded here with “turn away” (וּבִתְקוֹעַ תִּקְעוּ [uvitqoatiqu] in v. 1, תָּקְעוּ [taqu] in v. 3 and תֵּקַע [teqa’] here).

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