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Jeremiah 50:5


They will ask the way to Zion; they will turn their faces toward it. They will come 1  and bind themselves to the Lord in a lasting covenant that will never be forgotten. 2 


Ge 17:7; 2Sa 23:5; 1Ki 19:10,14; Ps 25:8,9; Ps 84:7; Isa 2:3-5; Isa 35:8; Isa 55:3; Isa 56:6,7; Jer 6:16; Jer 31:31-36; Jer 32:40; Mic 4:1,2; Joh 7:17; Ac 11:23; 2Co 8:5; Heb 8:6-10

NET © Notes

tc The translation here assumes that the Hebrew בֹּאוּ (bou; a Qal imperative masculine plural) should be read בָּאוּ (bau; a Qal perfect third plural). This reading is presupposed by the Greek version of Aquila, the Latin version, and the Targum (see BHS note a, which mistakenly assumes that the form must be imperfect).

sn See Jer 32:40 and the study note there for the nature of this lasting agreement.

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